DOROOB Endowments


lifelong mission to serve humanity.

40 years ago, the founders of Doroob initiated a process that would pave the way to a future of empowered leaders. They took their personal wealth and began turning it into precious resources, selling jewelry and land to build a “Rubat” --- a place where women and children could be safe and secure. Born out of the desire to make a positive impact and improve the quality of life for those who needed it most, this was the beginning of a lifelong mission to serve humanity.

This first Rubat is known as ‘Dar Al-Shakreen’ --- i.e. the house of the thankful. 

Doroob is more than 37 years old endowments entity, in 2009 starts operation as a non-for-profit company that serves societies through investing in educating the Elite (gifted and creative) to empower them to become leaders of positive change.

DOROOB has more than 10 years experience in differentiating & investing in gifted students. This can be recognized in various forms such as success in life, social complexity, technological innovation, attitudes and values, the nature of political system employed, the extend of the rule of law, health and environmental awareness and economic development.

Doroob Scholarship project is an educational investment being funded by Shaikh Abdul Jaleel Ibrahim Batterjee and Thuraya Mohyi Al Deen Nazer Fund. The fund was established 10 years ago to provide opportunities for passionate students with potential for success. After investing in higher education for five years, the founders decided to direct their fund to support students in general education that qualify in two major criteria; high IQ and financially.